SBYTE()  convert to SBYTE type
SBYTEAT()  direct memory access
SET()  set a bit field
SIGN()  sign (-1 or +1)
SIGNED$()  convert to STRING type (leading "-" or "+")
SINGLE()  convert to SINGLE type
SINGLEAT()  direct memory access
SIZE()  size of variable
SGN()  sign (-1, 0, +1)
SLONG()  convert to SLONG type
SLONGAT()  direct memory access
SMAKE()  make a SINGLE type from an XLONG (not a convert)
SPACE$()  string of n space characters
SQR()  square root
SSHORT()  convert to SSHORT type
SSHORTAT()  direct memory access
STR$()  convert to STRING type (leading "-" or " ")
STRING()  convert to STRING type (leading "-" or "")
STRING$()  convert to STRING type (leading "-" or "")
STUFF$()  stuff one string into another
SUBADDR()  convert to SUBADDR type
SUBADDRAT()  direct memory access
SUBADDRESS()  get address of subroutine
TAB()  tab to column n in PRINT statements
TRIM$()  trim tabs and spaces from both ends of string
TRUNC()  truncate
TYPE()  type of variable, array, component
UBOUND()  upper bound of array (at any node)
UBYTE()  convert to UBYTE type
UBYTEAT()  direct memory access
UCASE$()  upper case a string
ULONG()  convert to ULONG type
ULONGAT()  direct memory access
USHORT()  convert to USHORT type
USHORTAT()  direct memory access
VERSION$()  return version number defined by VERSION statement
XLONG()  convert to XLONG type
XLONGAT()  direct memory access
XMAKE()  retype to XLONG from any type (not a convert)