appendix f : intrinsics

ABS() absolute value
ASC()  value of ASCII character
CHR$() string with n characters of specified value
CJUST$() center justify string in field of spaces
CLR() clear a bit field
CSIZE() size of C string (to 1st null byte)
CSIZE$() string up to null terminator
CSTRING$() clip string at 1st null byte
DHIGH() high word of DOUBLE type
DLOW()  low word of DOUBLE type
DMAKE()  make DOUBLE type from two XLONGs
DOUBLE()  convert to DOUBLE type
DOUBLEAT()  direct memory access
ERROR() return and/or set error number
ERROR$()  convert error number into error string
EXTS() extract signed bit field
EXTU()  extract unsigned bit field
FIX() fix rounding
FUNCADDR() convert to FUNCADDR type
FUNCADDRAT() direct memory access
FUNCADDRESS()  get address of function (type FUNCADDR)
GHIGH()  get high word of GIANT value
GIANT() convert to GIANT type
GIANTAT() direct memory access
GLOW()  get low word of GIANT value 
GMAKE()   make GIANT from two XLONGs
GOADDR()   convert to GOADDR type
GOADDRAT()   direct memory access
GOADDRESS()   get address of GOTO label (type GOADDR)
HEX$()   n digit hexaDECimal string
HEXX$()  n digit hexaDECimal string with "0x" prefix 
HIGH0()   bit # of highest 0 bit
HIGH1()   bit # of highest 1 bit
INCHR()   1st character in string to match one in list
INCHRI()   case insensitive INCHR()
INSTR()   find string within string
INSTRI()  case insensitive INSTR() 
INT()   integerize
LCASE$()   lower case a string
LCLIP$()   clip left n bytes from string
LEFT$()   left n characters of a string
LEN()   length of a string in elements
LIBRARY()   return TRUE if compiled as library
LJUST$()   left justify string in field of spaces
LTRIM$()   trim spaces and tabs from left end of string
MAKE()   make an arbitrary bit field
MID$()   extract arbitrary substring from a string
NULL$()   return string of null characters
PROGRAM$()   return program name defined by PROGRAM statement
RCLIP$()   clip right n bytes from string
RIGHT$()   right n characters of a string
RINCHR()   last character in string to match one in list
RINCHRI()  case insensitive RINCHR() 
RINSTR()   reverse direction INSTR()
RINSTRI()   case insensitive RINSTR()
RJUST$()   right justify string in field of spaces
RND()   rounding
ROTATER()   n bit rotate right
ROUND()  rounding 
RTRIM$()   trim spaces and tabs from right end of string