appendix e : statements

ATTACH  attach array node
AUTO  declare AUTO scope
AUTOX  declare AUTOX scope
DECLARE  declare a function and its parameters
DIM  dimension an array
DO  begin a DO ... LOOP block
DOUBLE  declare DOUBLE type (IEEE double-float)
END  end the program, a function, some block structure
EXIT  exit a function or some block structure
EXPORT  begin exporting type and constant DEClarations and function definitions
FOR  begin a FOR ... NEXT block
FUNCTION  define a function and its arguments
GOADDR  declare a GOADDR type
GOSUB  go to a subroutine
GOTO  go to a line-label
IF  begin IF ... THEN ... ELSE ... ENDIF decision block
IMPORT  import function library
INTERNAL  declare function, scope = INTERNAL (local)
LIBRARY  reserved
READ  print to screen or file
PROGRAM  begin and name program
READ  read variables from diskfile
REDIM  re-dimension an array; preserve overlapping data
RETURN  return [value] from a function
SBYTE  declare SBYTE type
SHARED  declare SHARED scope
SINGLE  declare SINGLE type
SLONG  declare SLONG type
SSHORT  declare SSHORT type
STATIC  declare STATIC scope
STOP  stop the program
STRING  declare STRING type
SUB  begin subroutine (SUB SubName ... END SUB block)
SUBADDR  declare SUBADDR type
TYPE  declare and Define user-defined composite data type
UBYTE  declare UBYTE type
ULONG  declare ULONG type
UNION  declare and Define user-defined composite data type
USHORT  declare USHORT type
WRITE  write variables to file
XLONG  declare XLONG type