GHIGH() Intrinsic  extract high 32-bits from GIANT
GIANT  Statement  declare variable to be type GIANT
GIANT()  Intrinsic  convert to type GIANT
GIANTAT()  Intrinsic  write GIANT value into specified memory address
GIANTAT()  Intrinsic  read GIANT value from specified memory address
GLOW()  Intrinsic  extract low 32-bits from GIANT
GMAKE()  Intrinsic  create GIANT from two 32-bit integers
GOADDR  Statement  declare variable to be type GOADDR
GOADDR()  Intrinsic  convert to type GOADDR
GOADDRESS()  Intrinsic  get address of GOTO label
GOSUB  Statement  call a local subroutine
GOTO  Statement  jump to a local label
HEX$()  Intrinsic  create hexaDECimal string form of integer
HEXX$()  Intrinsic  HEX$ with "0x" prefix
HIGH0()  Intrinsic  find bit number of most significant 0 bit
HIGH1()  Intrinsic  find bit number of most significant 1 bit
IF  Statement  IF TRUE test in IF ... ENDIF block
IFF  Statement  IF FALSE test in IF ... ENDIF block
IFT  Statement  IF TRUE test in IF ... ENDIF block
IFZ  Statement  IF ZERO test in IF ... ENDIF block
IMPORT  Statement  import function library
INC  Statement  increment a variable
INCHR()  Intrinsic  find first search-set character in string
INCHRI()  Intrinsic  case insensitive INCHR()
INFILE$()  Intrinsic  input string from file
INLINE$()  Intrinsic  input string from main console
INSTR()  Intrinsic  find first substring in string
INSTRI()  Intrinsic  case insensitive INSTR()
INT()  Intrinsic  integer part of number
INTERNAL  Statement  declare function to have INTERNAL scope
LCASE$()  Intrinsic  convert contents of string to lower case
LCLIP$()  Intrinsic  clip n bytes from left end of string
LEFT$()  Intrinsic  leftmost n characters of string
LEN()  Intrinsic  number of elements in string
LIBRARY  Statement  reserved
LIBRARY()  Intrinsic  returns TRUE if compiled as library
LJUST$()  Intrinsic  left justify string in field of spaces
LOF()  Intrinsic  length of file in bytes
LOOP  Statement  end DO ... LOOP block
LTRIM$()  Intrinsic  trim spaces and tabs from left of string
MAKE()  Intrinsic  make a bit-field
MAX()  Intrinsic  return maximum of two arguments (larger)
MID$()  Intrinsic  extract arbitrary part of string
MIN()  Intrinsic  return minimum of two arguments (smaller)
MOD  Operator  arithmetic MODULUS operator
NEXT  Statement end FOR ... NEXT loop
NOT  Operator  bitwise NOT operator (invert all bits)
NULL$()  Intrinsic  create string of n null characters
OCT$()  Intrinsic  octal string from integer (1234567012...)
OCTO$()  Intrinsic  octal string from integer (0o1234567012...)
OPEN()  Intrinsic  open a disk, console, or communications file
OR  Operator  bitwise OR operator