appendix c: keywords

keyword category description
ABS() Intrinsic absolute value
ALL Auxiliary in SELECT CASE, execute all matching cases
AND Operator  bitwise AND (integer only)
ASC()  Intrinsic numeric value of ASCII character in string
ATTACH  Statement attach one array/subarray to another
AUTO   Statement declare variable to be AUTO scope
AUTOS   Auxiliary not implemented
AUTOX  Statement  declare variable to be AUTOX scope
BIN$()    Intrinsic binary format string of integer (010010111...)
BINB$()    Intrinsic binary format string of integer (0b010010111...)
BITFIELD()    Intrinsic define bitfield constant or variable
CASE    Statement in SELECT CASE; test cases, execute block on match
CFUNCTION   Statement declare/define C function or C callable function 
CHR$()    Intrinsic convert ASCII numeric value to 1 byte string
CJUST$()    Intrinsic center justify string in field of spaces
CLEAR    Statement not implemented
CLEAR AUTOS    Statement See CLEAR
CLOSE()    Intrinsic close disk, console, or communications file
CLR()   Intrinsic clear bit field in integer 
CSIZE() Intrinsic count number of bytes before 1st zero byte
CSIZE$()    Intrinsic clip string off at 1st null character
CSTRING$()    Intrinsic convert C string into native string
DCOMPLEX    Statement declare variables to be type DCOMPLEX
DEC    Statement decrement numeric variable
DECLARE    Statement declare function prototype
DECLARE FUNCTION    Statement declare function
DHIGH()    Intrinsic extract high 32-bits from DOUBLE
DIM   Statement dimension an array and zero contents 
DLOW()    Intrinsic extract low 32-bits from DOUBLE
DMAKE()    Intrinsic make DOUBLE from two 32-bit integers
DO    Statement initiate a DO ... LOOP loop block
DOUBLE    Statement declare variables to be type DOUBLE
DOUBLE()    Intrinsic convert numeric or string to type DOUBLE
DOUBLEAT()    Intrinsic write DOUBLE value into specified memory address
DOUBLEAT()    Intrinsic read DOUBLE value from specified memory address
ELSE    Statement optional in IF ... THEN ... ELSE ... END IF blocks
END    Statement end program, function, or block structure
END FUNCTION   Statement end function 
END IF    Statement end of IF ... THEN ... ELSE ... ENDIF block
END  SELECT   Statement end of SELECT block
END SUB    Statement end of SUB routine
END TYPE   Statement end of TYPE structure 
EOF()   Intrinsic is file pointer beyond end of file 
ERROR()   Intrinsic return and/or set error number 
ERROR$()   Intrinsic convert error number to error string 
EXIT   Statement exit function or block structure 
EXIT DO   Statement exit DO block 
EXIT FOR    Statement exit FOR ... NEXT block
EXIT FUNCTION    Statement exit function
EXIT IF   Statement exit IF...THEN block 
EXIT SELECT    Statement exit SELECT block
EXIT SUB   Statement exit subroutine 
EXPORT    Statement export type, constant, function declarations
EXTERNAL Statement declare variables to be EXTERNAL scope
EXTS()   Intrinsic extract signed bit field 
EXTU()   Intrinsic extract unsigned bit field 
FALSE Auxiliary optional in SELECT CASE statements
FIX()    Intrinsic integerize with round towards zero
FOR Statement initiate a FOR ... NEXT loop block
FORMAT$()   Intrinsic create a formatted string from format spec and value 
FUNCADDR Statement declare variable to be FUNCADDR type
FUNCADDR()    Intrinsic convert to type FUNCADDR
FUNCADDRESS()    Intrinsic get address of function
FUNCTION    Statement declare/define a function