after CASE ELSE CASE statement after CASE ELSE or CASE ALL.
bad CASE ALL CASE ALL without ALL in SELECT CASE statement.
bad GOSUB destination GOSUB something other than a subroutine.
bad GOTO destination GOTO something other than GOTO label.
bad symbol A symbol that is valid in some contexts appears in an invalid context.
bad bitspec Width not 0 to 32 or Offset not 0 to 31.
bad pass by reference Pass by reference not supported. Only individual variables can be passed by reference, so it is invalid to attempt to pass expressions by reference.  It is invalid to pass by reference to C functions, because different implementations of C allocate arguments differently.
bad pass by value Pass by value not supported. Arrays cannot be passed by value.
compiler error Error possibly due to error in compiler.  If an error cannot be found in the source code, these errors should be reported so fixes can be included in future releases.   Be sure to isolate as narrowly as possible the source code necessary to create this error.
component error Poorly formed component of composite variable, or a component name that was never defined for the composite type.
crossed functions (X/S/C) declared a native function but defined with CFUNCTION line, or function declare as C function but defined with FUNCTION line.
DECLARE after SHARED In the PROLOG, SHARED statements must appear after the last function is declared, so DECLARE statements after SHARED statements are errors.
DECLARE too late Attempt to declare function after FUNCTION or SHARED statement.
duplicate declaration Attempt to declare a function or variable twice.
duplicate definition Attempt to define the same function twice.
duplicate label Attempt to have two labels of the same name in a function.
duplicate type Attempt to declare the same composite type twice.
entry function error Attempt to declare entry function in an EXTERNAL statement.
expect assignment An assignement was expected but not found.
expression error Expression doesn't resolve properly.  Expression error or bug.
internal / external Attempt to define a function that was declared EXTERNAL.
kind mismatch The kind of a language element is incorrect.  For example, it is a kind-mismatch error to attempt to pass a variable as a function argument when an array argument was declared.
literal error Error involving a literal number or string.  For example, an attempt to take the handle address of a literal number or string is a literal error.