what is this software
This software is a comprehensive program development environment integrating a powerful editor, compiler, debugger, and GuiDesigner into a seamless working environment that encompasses the whole process of creating fast, efficient, reliable 32/64-bit programs.

PDE is an acronym for program development environment.

program development
Programmers perform several steps to develop a computer program:
  1.  Type in and edit the program.
  2.  Run compilers/assemblers/linkers to translate the program into executable form.
  3.  Run the program and test it for errors.

Many programmers run a separate program to perform each step:
  editor - enter and edit the program
  compiler - translate program to assembly language
  assembler - convert assembly language files to object files
  linker - link object files into an executable file or library
  debugger - run program, observe errors, quit debugger and return to editor step

This PDE is a single program that performs these & other functions. Because the components are seamlessly integrated, switching from one programming phase to another is natural and instantaneous.

GuiDesigner is an important additional capability built into the PDE.  GuiDesigner helps you create attractive, sophisticated, user-friendly graphical user interfaces (GUIs) without writing any code.

Naturally you'll want to add code of your own to give life to the GUI, but GuiDesigner does the hard part for you - it creates your GUI.

Any 80386 / 80486 / 80586 / Pentium / P5 / P6 compatible computer running Microsoft Windows95, Windows98, or WindowsNT 3.10, 3.50, 3.51, 4.00, 5.00+ should run this software properly, assuming the following minimums are met or exceeded:

  16 megabytes or more of accessible RAM (prefer 32MB or more).
  16 megabytes of more of available hard disk space (prefer 32MB or more).
  16 megabytes or more of swap file (prefer 32MB or more).
  800x600 video/screen resolution (prefer 1024x768 or more)

This software has been reported to run [slowly and with a few annoyances] on some systems that have as little as 4MB of RAM plus 12MB swap file and 640x480.