This is the normal font.

This is program code font.

Most documentation text is normal font.

The following kinds of documentation text sometimes appear in program font:

Keywords and source program text of any length (one word to whole programs).
Text on GUI components like labels and pushbuttons, such as Enter or Cancel.
Pulldown menu headings and items, like File Load.

Source program text meant as descriptive placeholders are in italic or bold-italic.


\xb\doc\intro.doc         - Installation and Introduction
\xb\doc\language.doc    - Programming Language Guide and Reference
\xb\doc\graphics.doc    - GraphicsDesigner Guide and Reference
\xb\doc\guigrids.doc    - GuiDesigner Convenience Functions
\xb\doc\guigrids.doc    - GuiDesigner Standard Toolkit Grids
\xb\doc\guiguide.doc    - GuiDesigner Guide
\xb\doc\guirefer.doc    - GuiDesigner Reference
\xb\doc\library.doc     - Function Libraries
\xb\doc\advanced.doc   - Advanced Features and Topics
\xb\doc\*.doc              - Miscellaneous Information