sample programs
Next load & run the following sample programs for fun and practice:
  adialog.x - m - simple modal convenience functions
  amodal.x - m - convenience functions
  ademo.x - g - three windows at once
  amath.x - g - math library graphics
  awindow.x - g - main window simulated
  aquick.x - c - quick tour of grids & convenience funcs
  aeditors.x - c - multiple editors / clipboards

  m - modal convenience function program
  g - GuiDesigner program (custom window)
  c - GuiDesigner convenience function program

These are GUI programs - they communicate by means of a graphical user interface.

Except for some special purpose code in the ...Code() function, these programs marked - g - were generated entirely by GuiDesigner.  There's also one line of programmer written code in the Entry() function in acircle.x and ademo.x to show one way to write programs that need to run continuously but still respond to user events (button clicks, etc).