Help menu
The Help menu contains commands for selecting information on various aspects of the program development environment.  To select the help menu, click H elp in the menu bar, or press Alt+h on your keyboard.  A menu with the following commands will appear:

Notes   .hn Notes about this release
Support   .hs Technical support of this release
Message   .hm Message information
Language  .hl  Keywords and Programming Language
Operator   .ho Operator summary
DotCommand .hd   Dot command summary
MathLibrary Display    xma.dec - Math/Trig/Log library
StandardLibrary Display    xst.dec - Standard library
GraphicsLibrary Display    xgr.dec - GraphicsDesigner library
GuiDesignerLibrary Display    xui.dec - GuiDesigner library
ComplexNumberLibrary Display    xcm.dec - Complex number library

Help Notes displays notes about this software release.

Help Support displays information on how to get technical support.

Help Message displays a list of predefined GuiDesigner messages.

Help Language displays a list of programming language keywords.

Help Operator displays a list of programming language operators.

Help DotCommand displays a list of dot commands and syntax.