View menu
Programs consist of a PROLOG and functions.  The View menu contains commands to create new functions, delete existing ones, rename them, clone and view them.  To select the view menu, click View in the menu bar, or type Alt+v.  A menu with the following commands will appear.

Function  .vf [funcname]  View function
PriorFunction   .vp View prior function (last-viewed)
NewFunction   .vn [funcname] Create new function
DeleteFunction   .vd [funcname] Delete a function
RenameFunction   .vr [funcname] Rename a function
CloneFunction   .vc [funcname] Clone a function
LoadFunction   .vl [filename funcname] Load function from disk
SaveFunction  .vs [filename funcname]  Save function to disk
  .v-  Previous function in program
  .v  Next function in program

One function or the PROLOG is displayed in the lower text area at a time.  View Function switches to another function.  If no argument is given, a window containing PROLOG and an alphabetized list of functions is displayed.  Select an item from the list to display the function in the lower text area.

View PriorFunction is a quick way to display the previously displayed function in the main text area, even when you don't remember its name.  This command is especially convenient when you need to toggle back and forth between two functions.

View NewFunction displays a window to ask you to name the new function.   After you enter the name, a new function with a comment header and the first and last function lines is created and displayed.

View DeleteFunction displays an alphabetized list of functions.  Select the one you want to delete.

View RenameFunction displays a window to ask for the new name you want to give to the currently displayed function.  After you enter the new name, all occurrences of the old function name in the program are changed to the new name.   Function names in comments are not changed.

View LoadFunction loads a function from disk and adds it to the program.   If the first line in the file is a function declaration line, that line is put in the PROLOG.

View SaveFunction saves a function declaration and function code to the specified disk file.