GuiDesigner Programmer Guide
    What's a GUI ?
    GUI Approach
    Easy To Learn
    Instant Help
    Program Development Environment
  A Quick Tour of GuiDesigner
    Quick Tour
    GuiDesigner Toolkit
    Window Menu
    Grid Menu
    Appearance Window
    Your Own GUI Programs
    Modify Your GUI Windows
  Fundamental Concepts
    Window Type
    Window Function
    Grid Type
    Callback Function aka Code Function
    GraphicsDesigner Messages
    GuiDesigner Messages
    Send Message
    GraphicsDesigner vs GuiDesigner
  GuiDesigner Programs
    GuiDesigner Convenience Function Programs
    GuiDesigner Programs
    Basic Steps
    Core GuiDesigner Program
      Entry() is your GUI program
      The Nature of GUI Programs
      Entry() - Initialization
      Entry() - Create Windows
      Entry() - Message Loop
    InitProgram() and InitWindows()
  Interactive Window Design
    Design Window
    Layout Grids
    Move and Resize Grids
    No Overlap
    Nesting Grids
    Grid Appearance
    Grid Behavior
    Design Mode vs Test Mode
    Quick Start
    Callback Arguments
    Operating Grid Functions
    To Code or Not To Code
    Learning Curve
  Instant Help
    Help On Everything
    Posting InstantHelp
    Browsing Programs
    Solve the "Great Icon Problem"
    Copy from the InstantHelp Window
    Update Instant Help
    Help Files
    HelpFile Format
    Default :entryname
    Multiple HelpFiles
    Set HelpFile
    GraphicsDesigner Messages
    Window Messages and Grid Messages
      Window Messages
      Grid Messages
    Message Anatomy
      window, grid, wingrid
    GraphicsDesigner Messages
    Keyboard Messages
      Keyboard Focus
      xWin, yWin
      WindowKeyUp vs WindowKeyDown
      Virtual Key Codes
    Mouse Messages
      Mouse Message Algorithm
    Message Queue
    Process Message
    Message Loop
    Process a Message
    Window Function
    Window Functions Process Window Messages
    Window Functions Process Grid Messages
    Grid Function
    Send Message
    Runtime Messages
    Callback Messages
    Callback Functions
    Monitor Messages
    CEO Function
    Slow Pokes
    Advanced Message Processing
  Anatomy of Grid Functions
    Grid Functions and Callback Functions
    Merged Grid Function
    Grid Function Example
    Function Declaration
    Function Definition
    Variable Declarations
    Kid Constant Definitions
    Initialize - Process Message - RETURN
      Process Message with Message Processing Function
      Process Message with Message Processing Subroutine
    Callback Subroutine
    Create Subroutine
    CreateWindow Subroutine
    GetSmallestSize Subroutine
    Resize Subroutine
    Selection Subroutine
    Initialize Subroutine
      Get Default Message Functions
      Establish Message Functions
      Establish Message Subroutines and Register Grid Type
      Establish Grid Type Properties