XBasic Introduction
    What is this software?
    Program Development
    Floppy Diskette Installation
    Program Item
    Windows95 Shortcut
  Getting Started
    Start the Program Development Environment
    Main Window
    Console Window
    Instant Help
  Main Window
    Main Menu
    Upper Text Area
    Lower Text Area
    Text Cursor - Keyboard Focus
    Status Labels
    Hot Buttons
  Executing Commands
    Dot Commands
    File menu
    Edit menu
    Selected Text
    Find and Replace
    FindString and ReplaceString
    Find and Replace Options
      Case Sensitivity
    .f and .r
    View menu
    Option menu
    Run menu
    Debug menu
    Help menu
  Conventional Programs
    Your Own Conventional Program
    Sample Programs
  GuiDesigner Overview
    Toolkit, Grids, Appearance Window
    Your First GuiDesigner Program