standard grid properties
grid             GraphicsDesigner grid number
gridName         name of grid (string)
gridType         grid type - XuiLabel, XuiPushButton, etc.
gridTypeName     name of grid type (string)
gridFunction     function that processes messages for this grid
gridFunctionName name of grid function (string)
callbackGrid     grid argument in callback messages
callbackFunc     function to call with callback messages
window           window number of window that contains this grid
parent           parent grid
cursor           mouse cursor displayed when cursor enters grid
buffer           image grid to buffer the image of this grid
image            image number to display in grid
imageAlign       reserved for future enhancements
imageIndentX     display image this far from left of grid border
imageIndentY     display image this far below top of grid border
imageStartX      start displaying image this far from image left
imageStartY      start displaying image this far from image top
imageWidth       width of image to display
imageHeight      height of image to display
x horizontal     position of grid in parent grid
y vertical       position of grid in partent grid
width            width of grid
height           height of grid
maxWidth         maximum permissible width of this grid
maxHeight        maximum permissible height of this grid
minWidth         minimum permissible width of this grid
minHeight        minimum permissible height of this grid
backgroundColor  color to clear background of grid
drawingColor     draw and fill color for lines/circles/arcs/boxes
lowlightColor    darker color in 3D effects (shadow/highlight)
highlightColor   bright color in 3D effects (shadow/highlight)
dullColor        color for disabled and deemphasized items
accentColor      color for accented items
lowtextColor     darker color for 3D text (raise/lower/shadow)
hightextColor    bright color for 3D text (raise/lower/shadow)
redrawFlags      what needs redrawing (clear/border/text/etc)
timer            millisecond timer value
align            align text to 1 of 4 corners, 4 sides, center
justify          justify text left, right, center, both/full
texture          text texture (flat/lower/raise/shadow)
indentLeft       indent text from grid border at left
indentTop        indent text from grid border at top
indentRight      indent text from grid border at right
indentBottom     indent text from grid border at bottom
font             name of font typeface (string)
fontNumber       font number of typeface,size,weight,italic,angle
fontSize         size of font (10 * point size) (xlong)
fontWeight       weight/boldness of font (xlong)
fontItalic       italic/tilt of font (xlong)
border           current border style
borderUp         border style for up/primary state
borderDown       border style for down/secondary state
style            general purpose style number or style bits
styleMax         maximum style number
group            group number (to group radio boxes/buttons/etc)
can              can focus,respond,inputTextArray,inputTextString
focusKid         kid number that gets default keyboard focus
inputTextArray   kid number that can input a TextArray
inputTextString  kid number that can input a TextString
state            state (enable/disable keyboard/mouse/redraw)
keyboard         enable/disable keyboard messages
mouse            enable/disable mouse messages
redraw           enable/disable redraw messages
array            general purpose array of any data type
helpString       name of help entry or help string (string)
hintString       hint string (reserved)
kidArray         array of kid numbers (xlong)
messageFuncArray array of message processing functions
messageSubArray  array of message processing subroutines
textArray        general purpose string array
textString       general purpose string
valueArray       general purpose array (xlong)