window menu

Select W indow in the toolkit menu and the following entries appear:

Window New ........... Create and display a new design window. Hide any current one.
Window Hide .......... Hide design window.
Window Load .......... Load a grid function from disk and convert into a design window.
Window Save .......... Convert design window into a grid function and save it on disk.
Window Delete ........ Delete design window and remove it from display.
Window ToFunction .... Convert design window into grid/callback functions in your program.
Window FromFunction .. Convert grid function in your program to design window.
Window CloseToolkit .. Hide toolkit from view - redisplay with toolkit hot button.

Window New creates a new design window and displays it in the upper right corner of the screen.  Only one design window can be visible at a time, so any displayed design windows are hidden before the new one is created.

Window Hide removes any visible design window from the display.

Window Load reads a grid function from disk, converts it into a new design window, and displays it on the screen.

Window Save converts a design window into a grid function, then saves it to disk.  The grid function can be loaded with WindowLoad.

Window Delete destroys the visible design window.  All information is lost and is not recoverable, so think carefully before you delete.

Window ToFunction converts the visible design window into:
  A grid function with the same name as the design window.
  A callback function called by the grid function when important events occur in the design window.
  Three lines of code that create, activate, initialize, and display the design window.

indow FromFunction converts the displayed grid function into a design window that you can modify, then convert back to a function.

Window CloseToolkit hides the toolkit from view.  Click on the toolkit hot button to redisplay the toolkit.

The names of all design windows follow Window CloseToolkit.  Select any of these design window names to hide the currently visible design window and display the design window you selected.