GuiDesigner programs are easier to learn than other GUI programs. That's because GuiDesigner imbeds automatic, user-extensible documentation into every program you develop. Users can click the right mouse button on any GUI component to learn its purpose and operation. GuiDesigner displays an InstantHelp window and fills it with whatever informative text you provided for the occasion.

But there's more. Users can edit the InstantHelp window!

Users can copy text from the InstantHelp window and insert it into any text component in their GUI. Which means they can extract samples from your help text and try 'em out. But that's not all.

Users can change the help text. They can copy, delete, insert, and type in the InstantHelp window just like any other text area. So they can expand, contract, reword, and update help text in whatever way best suits their style, experience, and preferences. When they press the Update button, GuiDesigner updates the help files. Henceforth the InstantHelp window will contain the new, improved information!

versatile development environment
The program development environment and GuiDesigner are powerful, efficient, professional software development tools, appropriate for all kinds of programming projects.

At the same time, the program development environment and GuiDesigner are easy and fun to learn, so they're perfect for novice programmers too.