instant help

instant help
GuiDesigner programs are typically easy to learn. That's because GuiDesigner builds an automatic, user-extensible help mechanism into every grid in every GUI program you develop. You don't even have to write a single line of code.

help with everything
Users can click the right mouse button on any grid to learn about the grids purpose and operation. GuiDesigner displays an InstantHelp window that displays information you prepared for the occasion.

post instant help
Press the HelpButton to display the InstantHelp window. Release it while the mouse cursor is in the same grid to post the InstantHelp window and keep it visible. Release the HelpButton over another grid and the InstantHelp window disappears.

browsing programs
To browse an entire program, users can hold down the HelpButton and drag the mouse cursor over every grid in the main window. Whenever the mouse cursor enters a new GUI component, the old InstantHelp window is instantly replaced by a new one. What a fast and easy way to learn a new program!

solve the great icon problem
What a great way around the "great icon problem" - the difficulty of finding a really expressive image for every grid in your program. Just point and click the right button for InstantHelp.

copy from instant help window
And that's just for starters. Users can edit the InstantHelp window!

Users can copy text from the InstantHelp window and insert it into any text component in their GUI. Which means they can extract samples from your help text and try 'em out. And that's not all.

update instant help
Users can change help text. They can copy, delete, insert, and type in the InstantHelp window just like any other TextArea. So they can expand, contract, and reword documentation in any way they want. When they press the Update button, the help files are updated. Henceforth InstantHelp displays new, improved information.