grid type
Many kinds of grids are supplied with GuiDesigner. Each kind is called a grid type and has a name like:

Grid Type - Grid Function : Description

XuiArea - XuiArea() : mouse/keyboard even forwarding
XuiCheckBox - XuiCheckBox() : check / uncheck an item
XuiDialog2B - XuiDialog2B() : Label + TextLine + 2 buttons
XuiDialog3B - XuiDialog3B() : Label + TextLine + 3 buttons
XuiFile - XuiFile() : select drive/directory/file
XuiLabel - XuiLabel() : message Label
XuiList - XuiList() : scrollable List
XuiListBox - XuiListBox() : pulldown ListBox
XuiMessage2B - XuiMessage2B() : message Label + 2 PushButtons
XuiMessage3B - XuiMessage3B() : message Label + 3 PushButtons
XuiMessage4B - XuiMessage4B() : message Label + 4 PushButtons
XuiPullDown - XuiPullDown() : fixed length list (no scroll)
XuiPushButton - XuiPushButton() : selected by down/up click
XuiRadioButton - XuiRadioButton() : only one in group selected
XuiScrollBarH - XuiScrollBarH() : horizontal scroll bar
XuiScrollBarV - XuiScrollBarV() : vertical scroll bar
XuiTextArea - XuiTextArea() : multiple line editable text
XuiTextLine - XuiTextLine() : single line editable text
XuiToggleButton - XuiToggleButton() : toggles ON / OFF

Grid type names always contain a prefix that identifies the origin of the grid, hence grid type names like XuiLabel , XuiPushButton , etc. Xui identifies standard grid types. Grids from other vendors carry their own pre-arranged identifying prefix.

grid function
The function that creates and operates a particular grid is called its grid function.

  Every grid type has its own grid function.
  Each grid function creates and operates every grid of its grid type.
  The the name of every grid function is the same as its grid type.

Grid functions give each grid type its individual characteristics. XuiLabel() and XuiPushButton() make XuiLabel and XuiPushButton grids look and act different.

When Window ToFunction converts design windows to functions, it's converting them to grid functions.

You don't need to modify grid functions. They know how to create grids and perform all routine chores that make the grids functional.

To perform their function, however, most grid functions have to report certain events or conditions to your program. For example, when a user clicks on a PushButton, you're program needs to know. Otherwise nothing would happen.

In other words, grid functions create and operate the GUI, and report important events. How your program responds to these reports determines the nature of your program.