Kid 0 - XuiFile
Kid 1 - XuiLabel
Kid 2 - XuiTextLine
"TextEvent" callback from any KeyDown
"Selection" callback from Enter KeyDown
Kid 3 - XuiCheckBox
Kid 4 - XuiCheckBox
Kid 5 - XuiList
Kid 6 - XuiList
"Selection" callback from file selection
Kid 7 - XuiPushButton
"Selection" callback from button selection
Kid 8 - XuiPushButton
"Selection" callback from button selection

XuiFile grids display a list of directories, a list of files in the selected directory, and a filename. XuiFile grids let the user navigate through filesystems by selecting directories and files.

XuiFile grids generate Selection callback messages when the user selects a specific file item in the XuiList of files, and when the user enters a path and filename in the XuiTextLine.