Kid 0 - XuiPullDown
"TextEvent" callback from any KeyDown
"Selection" callback from MouseUp on item
v0 : selected item
"Selection" callback from Enter KeyDown
v0 : selected item
"Selection" callback from hotkey KeyDown
v0 : selected item (key = underlined key)

XuiPullDown grids display a list of items and let a user select any item by selecting the item name.

When an item name like L oad, S ave, R ename, D elete, Q uit is selected by a user action, an XuiPullDown grid generates a callback message with the selected item in v0 .

Items are numbered from 0 at the top. If the L oad item is selected, for example, the Selection callback message will contain v0 = 0 .

The item names are the TextArray property.

An item in an XuiPullDown grid is selected by MouseUp when the mouse cursor is over an item name, by KeyDown of the Enter key when an item is highlighted, and by KeyDown of a key corresponding to an underlined character in an item in the XuiPullDown list.

The highlighted item can be changed with UpArrow and DownArrow.