standard toolkit grids
The rest of this document describes grid types in the standard toolkit. The information on each grid type includes an image of the grid in a window, a list of kids the grid contains, the callback messages and arguments that can be produced by grids of the specified grid type, and a short function that presents a grid of the specified grid type.

A complete program for each grid based on these functions is located in the \xb\app directory. \xb\aquick.x & \xb\atools.x are sample programs that demonstrates all 32 grids.

The convenience functions and standard toolkit grids are both described in this document because all the grid demonstration programs are convenience function programs.

standard toolkit grids - sample programs
The complete sample program for each grid consists of :

 PROLOG with import statements and function DEClarations
 grid demonstration functions - Color() , Label() , CheckBox() ...
 a function that creates a window to display callback arguments
 a function that displays callback arguments in a generic way

The demonstration functions are slightly different for each grid. The PROLOG and support functions are the same for all grids, however, and are thus shown once on the following page and not repeated for every grid.

Each of the demonstration functions generally does the following:

1.  create a window around a grid of the specified grid type
2.  set its callback function
3.  sets its grid name
4.  display the window
5.  wait in convenience function message loop for callback message
6.  call a routine that displays the callback arguments

callback messages
Most grids generate callback messages, but not all. For example, XuiLabel and XuiProgress grids are meant to display information but not respond to user actions like button clicks or keystrokes. Nonetheless, many grids pass on callbacks they receive but don't act upon, so even grids like XuiLabel and XuiProgress may generate callback messages like Help and CloseWindow .

Only callback messages initiated by each grid is noted in this document.