GuiDesigner standard toolkit grids

GuiDesigner standard toolkit
Click the toolkit hot button in the main window to display the toolkit in the lower left side of the display.

toolkit hot button

standard toolkit

standard grid types

XuiColor : Color grid (select one of the 125 standard GraphicsDesigner colors).
XuiLabel : Label grid (display single or multi-line message text and/or image).
XuiCheckBox : CheckBox grid (toggle on/off).
XuiRadioBox : RadioBox grid (toggle on turns all other RadioBox grids in group off).
XuiPressButton : PressButton grid (selection on MouseDown).
XuiPushButton : PushButton grid (selection on MouseDown - MouseUp).
XuiToggleButton : ToggleButton grid (toggle on/off on MouseDown).
XuiScrollBarH : ScrollBarH grid (horizontal motion / position control).
XuiScrollBarV : ScrollBarV grid (vertical motion / position control).
XuiTextLine : TextLine grid (one line text input / output).
XuiTextArea : TextArea grid (multi-line text input / output).
XuiMenu : Menu grid (create / manage pulldown list for MenuBar entries).
XuiMenuBar : MenuBar grid (select one of several horizontal entries).
XuiPullDown : Pulldown grid (select one of several vertical entries).
XuiList : List grid (scrollable list - select one of several vertical entries).
XuiMessage1B : Message box with 1, buttons.
XuiMessage2B : Message box with 2 buttons.
XuiMessage3B : Message box with 3 buttons.
XuiMessage4B : Message box with 4 buttons.
XuiProgress : Progress box.
XuiDialog2B : Dialog box with 2 buttons.
XuiDialog3B : Dialog box with 3 buttons.
XuiDialog4B : Dialog box with 4 buttons.
XuiDropButton : Button activated PullDown List.
XuiDropBox : PullDownList box.
XuiListButton : Button activated scrollable List.
XuiListBox : Scrollable List box.
XuiRange : Set value within a Range.
XuiFile : Select File Dialog.
XuiFont : Select Font Dialog.
XuiListDialog2B : Select List Entry Dialog with 2 buttons.