grid attributes
Each grid has a number of attributes or properties that determine its appearance and behavior. The value of a particular property is called its setting. For example, backgroundColor is a property, while $$Blue is a setting it might have. GraphicsDesigner has functions to get and set all its grid attributes.

grid is the grid number XgrCreateGrid() assigns a grid when it is created. grid is passed to all GraphicsDesigner functions that perform an operation associated with a grid.

window is the window number of the window that contains grid.

parent is the grid number of another grid that contains and may take certain responsibilities for the operation of grid.

gridType is provided by GraphicsDesigner to make it easy for programs to groups similar grids into a single category. GraphicsDesigner assigns a new gridType each time XgrRegisterGridType() is called with a new grid type name.

gridType = 0 means the grid is a simple coordinate grid. Mouse events are never directed to coordinate grids, but to the next larger enabled grid that contains it that is not a coordinate grid.

gridType = 1 means the grid is an image grid. Drawing can be directed at image grids, but the image does not appear on the display, it is simply held in memory. On the other hand, the image can be transferred quickly to the display by GraphicsDesigner functions, and image grids can be attached to other grids to buffer them.

gridFunction is the function address called by XgrSendMessage() when it is called with a valid window or grid number and a valid message number.

bufferGrid is the image grid that will buffer grid . The gridType of the grid assigned to bufferGrid must be 1 , which is the gridType reserved for image grids.

bufferGrid is initialized to 0 when a grid is created, which disables buffering and thereby speeds drawing operations.

font, fontName, fontSize, fontWeight, fontItalic, fontAngle
font is a font number created by XgrCreateFont() to refer to a specific font created to represent specified fontName, fontSize, fontWeight, fontItalic, fontAngle.  font is passed to all GraphicsDesigner functions that require a font argument.

fontName is the typeface name of the font, fontSize is ten times the point size, fontWeight specifies the boldness of a font between 0 and 1000, fontItalic specifes the degree of italic tilt of a font between 0 and 1000, and fontAngle is the angle in 1/10th degrees the characters are rotated from normal horizontal orientation.