message functions - continued

XgrGetMessages  (@count, @messages[] )

XgrGetMessages() returns the first count messages from the message queue in messages[] without removing them from the queue. If fewer than count messages are waiting in the queue, all are returned and count is set to the number of messages returned. messages[] must be type MESSAGE .

XgrGetMessageType  ( message, @messageType )

XgrGetMessageType() returns messageType=1 if message is a window message and messageType=2 if message is a grid message.

XgrJamMessage  ( wingrid, message, v0, v1, v2, v3 )

XgrJamMessage() jams the message composed of (wingrid,message,v0,v1,v2,v3) into the front of the queue, which makes it the next message accessed by XgrPeekMessages(), XgrProcessMessages(), etc.

XgrMessageNameToNumber  ( messageName$, @messageNumber )

XgrMessageNameToNumber() converts a messageName$ into a messageNumber . If messageName$ has never been registered, 0 is returned in messageNumber . 

XgrMessageNames  (@count, @messageNames$[] )

XgrMessageNames() returns all registered messageNames$[] and count . The last message name is messageName$[count] since (message=0) is not a valid message number. The messageNumber for each message name is its element number in messageNames$[] .

XgrMessageNumberToName  ( messageNumber, @messageName$ )

XgrMessageNumberToName() returns the messageName$ corresponding to messageNumber . If messageNumber has never been assigned, an empty string is returned in messageName$ . 

XgrMessagesPending  (@count )

XgrMessagesPending() returns a count of the number of messages in the message queue. count will be zero if there are no messages in the message queue.