image functions - continued

XgrLoadImage  ( fileName$, @image[] )

XgrLoadImage() loads a graphics image from file fileName$ into XLONG array image[] . fileName$ must contain a valid DIB format file.

After loading, XgrLoadImage() converts image[] into a 24-bit per pixel, 8-bit per red,green,blue DIB format.

XgrRefreshGrid  ( grid )

XgrRefreshGrid() draws an image into a displayable grid from the image buffer attached to it. Only the portion of the image buffer that overlaps the grid-box belonging to grid is refreshed. Drawing is not performed outside the grid-box or image buffer area.

XgrSaveImage  ( fileName$, @image[] )

XgrSaveImage() saves XLONG array image[] in file fileName$ . It can be loaded with XgrLoadImage(), and drawn by XgrDrawImage() . 

XgrSetImage  ( grid, @image[] )

XgrSetImage() copies the image[] array into grid . image[] must be in valid DIB format.