window functions - continued

XgrMaximizeWindow  ( window )

XgrMaximizeWindow() displays window as the largest size it can, up to the size of the display screen.

XgrMinimizeWindow  ( window )

XgrMinimizeWindow() displays window as a small icon in the lower part of the display. The icon can be double clicked to restore the window to its previously displayed state.

XgrRestoreWindow  ( window )

XgrRestoreWindow() displays window in its most recently displayed state (normal size, minimized, maximized).

XgrSetWindowFunction  ( window, func )

XgrSetWindowFunction() sets the address of the window function of window to func . func is the address called by XgrProcessMessages() when it processes a message for window or a grid in window .

XgrSetWindowIcon  ( window, @icon )

XgrSetWindowIcon() sets the image of the icon displayed for window when it is minimized.

XgrSetWindowPositionAndSize  ( window, xDisp, yDisp, width, height )

XgrSetWindowPositionAndSize() sets the position of window on the display to (xDisp,yDisp), and resizes it to (width,height) pixels if necessary.

XgrSetWindowState  ( window, state )

XgrSetWindowState() sets the current display state of window to state . 

state=0,1,2,3 for hidden, displayed, minimized, maximized.

XgrSetWindowTitle  ( window, title$ )

XgrSetWindowTitle() sets the title$ of window . title$ is displayed on the title-bar of windows with title-bars.

XgrShowWindow  ( window )

XgrShowWindow() displays window without selecting it. If window cannot be displayed without selecting, it is displayed