GraphicsDesigner functions

function categories
The tables on the following pages list the GraphicsDesigner functions, grouped into the following catagories for easy access.

  Miscellaneous        Display information
  Color Functions      Get and Set Background and Drawing Colors
  Window Functions     Create, Destroy, Position, Size, Iconify
  Grid Functions       Create, Destroy, GetInfo, SetInfo, GridBox
  Drawing Functions    Arc, Box, Circle, Line, Point
  Image Functions       Load, Save, Copy, RefreshGrid
  Focus Functions       Keyboard and Mouse Focus
  Message Functions    Add, Delete, Get, Jam, Peek, Process, Send
  Messages             KeyDown, KeyUp, MouseDown, MouseDrag...

reference pages
Following the function tables are reference pages that describe these functions in more detail, organized in the same order as the listings.

arguments - pass by reference
Function arguments with @ prefixes return a value in the argument.  In some cases, arguments are passed to a function and back from the function in the same variable.   @ is prefixed to all arrays because arrays are always passed by reference.   String and array contents are not modified unless so stated.

return values
Most GraphicsDesigner functions do not return a value. Exceptions are noted in the following sections.

runtime errors
GraphicsDesigner functions call ERROR() to log errors, and may return a non-zero value to so indicate.  Errors can be retrieved, and cleared or set by intrinsic function ERROR().

quick reference
The following summary of GraphicsDesigner functions are grouped by category.