GraphicsDesigner messages
The messages in the following table are put in the message queue by GraphicsDesigner in response to system events. XgrProcessMessages() sends these messages to window functions when it processes them, unless no window function is defined for the associated window.

In the following table, window and grid messages are distinguished by a w or g before the message name. More detailed descriptions of these messages follows the "Message Functions" descriptions at the end of the next section.

g MouseDown A mouse button was depressed.
g MouseDrag The mouse moved while one or more buttons was down.
g MouseEnter The mouse cursor moved into a grid.
g MouseExit The mouse cursor moved out of a grid.
g MouseMove The mouse moved while no buttons were down.
g MouseUp A mouse button was released.
g RedrawGrid Redraw a grid to update its contents.
g TimeOut A grid timer started with XgrSetGridTimer() counted down to zero.
w WindowDeselected A window was deselected and no longer has keyboard focus.
w WindowDestroyed A window was destroyed.
w WindowDisplayed A window was displayed.
w WindowHidden A window was hidden or minimized.
w WindowKeyDown A keyboard key was depressed.
w WindowKeyUp A keyboard key was released.
w WindowRedraw A window needs to be redrawn partially or completely.
w WindowResized A window was resized.
w WindowSelected A window was selected and now has keyboard focus.