Q: How can I make Windows standard cut/grab/paste work in XuiTextArea?
Heres how cut/grab/paste works in Windows vs XuiTextArea and XuiTextLine :

Windows XuiTextArea operation performed
Ctl+X Ctl+X or Delete cut selected text and put in clipboard
Ctl+C Ctl+C or Ctl+Insert copy selected text and put in clipboard
Ctl+V Ctl+V or Insert paste clipboard text at text cursor position

Applications can process the TextEvent callback message from text grids like XuiTextArea and XuiTextLine to implement new keystroke conventions.  Related messages recognized by these text grids include:

GetTextCursor : SetTextCursor
TextDelete : TextInsert : TextReplace

Q: Sometimes it's a little hard to find the text cursor in a large XuiTextArea?
The color of the text cursor in XuiTextArea and XuiTextLine grids can be globally changed with OptionTextCursor in the Main Window.  The text cursor is drawn in XOR drawing mode, so depending on the number of bits per pixel and whether a system is palette or direct map, the text cursor will not be the same color on all systems.  To change the color of the text cursor in a XuiTextArea or XuiTextLine grid in a design window, change its DullColor property with the AppearanceWindow.  Remember, the cursor color is not the DullColor itself, but the XOR of the DullColor and whatever the cursor is written over in the grid.  For example, a yellow text cursor might be created by setting DullColor to $$LightBlue.