Q: .mak files work with WindowsNT version 3.5 but not version 3.1. Why?
Microsoft changed some of its development tools and procedures between version 3.1 and 3.5, and they will probably do so from time to time in the future. In anticipation of such changes, the PDE creates .mak files from template files \xb\xxx\xapp.xxx and \xb\xxx\xdll.xxx .

When you compile a file with R un A ssembly or R un L ibrary , the PDE reads in xapp.xxx or xdll.xxx , changes the line that defines the name of the program or library and saves the result as prog .mak , where prog is the name of your program.

Since xapp.xxx and xdll.xxx are simple text files, you can edit them in accordance with the requirements of new and improved development tools. Subsequent .mak files generated by the PDE will then work properly. Be sure to keep a copy of the original xapp.xxx and xdll.xxx files.

Q: Why do I sometimes I get unresolved external symbol errors when I shouldn't?
When the PDE compiles more than one program, it sometimes looks for symbols that existed in a previous compilation. This rare bug has not yet been tracked down and exterminated. For now you'll have to exit the PDE and restart it.