Q: What about differences between HelpGuiDesigner and the manuals?
Differences between the software and manuals sometimes occur. When you request help on one of the libraries from the Help menu in the main window, the PROLOG of the library is displayed in the HelpWindow. Since these .dec files contain the actual declaration of types, functions, and constants from the libraries, these files are correct - unless you didn't install a new release correctly.

Trust the .DEC files (and HelpLibraryName) over printed documentation.

Q: Does GraphicsDesigner support three or five coordinate systems?
For purposes of coordinate conversion, there are five coordinate systems:

display XgrGetGridBoxDisplay (grid, @x1Disp, @y1Disp, @x2Disp, @y2Disp)
window XgrGetGridBoxWindow (grid, @x1Win, @y1Win, @x2Win, @y2Win)
local XgrGetGridBoxLocal (grid, @x1, @y1, @x2, @y2)
grid XgrGetGridBoxGrid (grid, @x1Grid, @y1Grid, @x2Grid, @y2Grid)
scaled XgrGetGridBoxScaled (grid, @x1#, @y1#, @x2#, @y2#)

For purposes of drawing, there are three coordinate systems:

local XuiDrawLine (grid, color, x1, y1, x2, y2)
grid XuiDrawLineGrid (grid, color, x1Grid, y1Grid, x2Grid, y2Grid)
scaled XuiDrawLineScaled (grid, color, x1#, y1#, x2#, y2#)

The name of every GraphicsDesigner drawing function determines the coordinate system the function draws in, as follows:

Drawing functions that do not specify a coordinate system, like XgrDrawLine() , draw in local coordinates and manipulate the local coordinate drawpoint.

Drawing functions that end with " Grid ( ", like XgrDrawLineGrid() , draw in grid coordinates and manipulate the grid coordinate drawpoint.

Drawing functions that end with " Scaled ( ", like XgrDrawLineScaled() , draw in scaled coordinates and manipulate the scaled coordinate drawpoint.