awarn.x and warning.x
The following procedure includes every step to create the warning.dll toolset library, as well as awarn.x , a program that shows warning.dll is accessible and working.

Before you practice with these procedures, you should run awarn.x in the PDE to assure they work.  A completely compiled warning.dll toolset library has been provided so you can run these test programs before you create the toolset library yourself.

Once you've tried out the test programs, create standalone executable versions of the awarn.x test program as described. Enter run\awarn to verify it works as before.   Finally, recreate the warning.dll toolset library as described and run the standalone test programs again to check the work.

To add the warning.dll toolset to the GuiDesigner toolkit, simply edit the \xb\xxx\ file and remove the ' comment character at the beginning of the second line to enable and start the PDE again (the PDE checks toolsets only at startup).

awarn.x - program calls warning.dll toolset.
warning.x    - program to create warning.dll toolset.
warning.dll - the compiled warning.dll toolset.
\xb\xxx\ - master list of toolsets.
\xb\xxx\ - precreated toolset file.

To create a standalone version of test program awarn.x :
 1.  Load awarn.x into the PDE.
 2.  Run Assembly to compile it (creates awarn.mak and other files).
 3.  In a DOS window, enter nmake awarn.mak . to create \xb\run\awarn.exe .
 4.  In a DOS window, enter \xb\run\awarn.exe to run this test program.

To recreate the standalone toolset library waring.dll :
 1.  Load warning.x into the PDE.
 2.  Run Library to compile it (creates warning.mak and other files).
 3.  In a DOS window, enter nmake warning.mak . to create \xb\warning.dll .
 4.  In a DOS window, enter \xb\run\awarn.exe to test this toolset library.