accessory grids and toolsets

standard grid types and toolkit grid types
The standard grid types are grid types in the GuiDesigner "xui " library in xb.dll and therefore available to programs that IMPORT "xui".  GuiDesigner contains more grid types than the toolkit.   Entries in text file xxx\ determine which standard grid types the standard toolkit displays.

accessory grids
Any grid type not defined in the GuiDesigner "xui" library is considered an accessory grid type.  Programs can import any number of accessory toolsets, each of which is simply a function library that contains one or more accessory grid types, each defined by a grid function.

Accessory toolsets may be available from a variety of sources, and may contain all kinds of grid types, from simple to elaborate, and general purpose to highly specialized.  Importing accessory toolsets is a simple, flexible way to add new grid types to enhance the appearance and functionality of programs.  You may want to look for commercial or shareware toolsets, but you can also create your own.

warning.x is a simple accessory toolset library provided to help you see how to build your own toolset.  You can rename and/or modify and/or expand warning.x , or develop your own from scratch.

accessory toolsets
An accessory toolset is just a program compiled as a standalone library.  It contains the same five functions as all GuiDesigner programs, plus one or more grid functions.   The entry function in a toolset simply initializes the library and grid functions, then returns.  InitProgram(), CreateWindows(), InitWindows() are usually left empty, disabled, or not called.

For example, warning.x contains only:
  Entry() - standard Entry() - unmodified
  InitGui() - standard InitGui() - unmodified
  InitProgram() - standard InitProgram() - unmodified and empty
  CreateWindows() - standard CreateWindows() - usually empty, disabled or not called when a library
  InitWindows() - standard InitWindows() - unmodified and empty
  XuiWarning1B() - duplicate of XuiMessage1B()
  XuiWarning2B() - duplicate of XuiMessage2B()
  XuiWarning3B() - duplicate of XuiMessage3B()
  XuiWarning4B() - duplicate of XuiMessage4B()