Important Files
\windows\xb.dll - standalone program support library (in a default path).
\xb\run\xb.dll - standalone program support library (standalone path).
\xb\xxx\ - makefile template to create standalone executables.
\xb\xxx\ - makefile template to create standalone libraries / DLLs.

To successfully create standalone programs and libraries you must observe the conventions described in this section.

!!!!! Read this section carefully and follow it rigorously !!!!!

Both the program development environment support library and the standalone executable support library are named xb.dll . This is required by operating systems in order that programs and libraries work the same in the program development environment as they do as standalones executables.

Standalone programs will not run properly in the working directory because they will runtime link to the program development environment library \xb\xb.dll instead of the standalone executable support library \xb\run\xb.dll or \windows\xb.dll . That's why standalone executables are saved in the \xb\run directory instead of the \xb working directory. Make sure the \windows directory is in the default execution path list.

The default makefiles put standalone executables in the \xb\run directory. To run a standalone program from the \xb working directory, simply prefix the run\ directory name to your program name, as in run\ prog or \xb\run\ prog .